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Rules :

A wooden tall standing structure is to be built by team of 2 members. Tallest structure standing supporting a given load at the top wins.

- Wood provided needs to be cut according to participant’s requirement.
- Teams should carry their own cutting tools.
- Teams should carry their own measuring instruments.
- Electric power tools requiring wall socket is strictly not allowed. However battery operated tools is permitted.
- There should be at least 10 wooden pieces cut from the provided length of wood provided, that is the structure should contain a minimum of 10 individual piece is order to qualify. The length of wood will be of uniform cross-section (dimensions will be revealed at the time of the event).
- Structure needs to be built by hands and within a specified area.
- There will be a time limit for constructing the structure.
- The structure should have necessary provisions at the top to hold the provided load (flat circular load).
- The structure should be able to hold the load for a minimum of 10 sec.
- Wood material, adhesive glue, four nails and thread will be provided at the registration.
- The use of only the 4 nails provided is allowed.
- Teams cannot use any electronic devices during construction.
- Use of mobile phones and any printed material containing design of structure during the course of the event is prohibited.
- Participants are requested to take necessary precautions while cutting wood.

Note: The decision of the Head Coordinator will be the final in case of any discrepancies.They hold the right to change the rules to promote fair play, sportsmanship and to ensure that all competitors have an enjoyable competition.

*Pre-registration to this event through the website or app will make you eligible for a discount in registration fees.

For any queries contact the Co-ordinators.

Daniel : 8788757006
Kaushik : 7083276261


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