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Rules :


-A team can comprise of a maximum of 3 members.
-A participant can present more than one Bot.
-The competition will be of two rounds, level one being idea presentation and level two is putting your robot under action.
-The robots shall be tested on their ability of going over and around obstacles (Details of which shall be given by the coordinators during the event).
-Use of wheels and caterpillar tracks are NOT allowed. Movements like jumping, crawling, walking are allowed by use of linkages and other mechanical systems.
-The Bot can be wired or wireless.
-Use of ready-made kits shall lead to disqualification.
-Use of IC engines is prohibited.
-The size restriction for the robot is 30x20x20 cm(lxbxh). However there is no restriction on weight of the bot.
-Before commencement of the actual task, the teams will be allowed to test their bots on the track but only for limited period of time as decided by the coordinators.
-If a bot leaves the track it will be placed back to the checkpoint it has passed.
-Change of batteries while performing the task shall not be allowed.
-Power extraction from wall sockets during the task will not be allowed.
-Once the bot is placed on the track, a maximum of 5 touches will be allowed to reset the bot on the right track and a penalty of 5 sec per touch shall be added to the total time.
-Points will be allotted depending on the time taken by the bot to complete the track. In case no team manages to finish the track, then more points will be given to the team who completes most part of the track in shortest time.
-Points will also be awarded to robustness, agility and innovation of the bot design. Contact event coordinators for further details.

Note: The decision of the Head Coordinator will be the final in case of any discrepancies. They hold the right to change the rules to promote fair play, sportsmanship and to ensure that all competitors have an enjoyable competition.
For any queries contact the coordinators.
Daniel : 8788757006
Kaushik : 7083276261


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